• Thaaleesaadhi Vadagam Tablet

Thaaleesaadhi Vadagam Tablet

  • Rs 60

Form Tablet
Packaging Size 100 gm
Packaging Type Bottle
Brand SKM
Shelf life 24 Months
Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


  • irumal [cough]
  • jaladosham [cold]
  • kaba-vadha noigal [kapha & vatha disorders
  • athidaram/bedhi [diarrhea]
  • grahani [diarrhea due to sprue syndrome
  • vayittru eraichchal [tympanitis]
  • vaandhi [vomiting/emesis]
  • pasiyinmai [loss of appetite]
  • pakka soolai noi [hepatitis]
  • ajeernam/ seriyamai [indigestion]

Dosage: one tablet, twice a day.

  • Its root and organic product are helpful in treating heartburn, stomach colic, harming, anorexia, and so forth
  • It has all characteristics of a common flavour like valuable in heartburn, asthma, hack, and so on
  • It is hot, valuable in asthma, acid reflux, bulging, anorexia, cold, hack, limited capacity to burn calories, and so on
  • It is valuable in acid reflux, asthma, queasiness, and the sky is the limit from there.
  • It further develops absorption strength, is helpful in diabetes, elevated cholesterol, its oil is applied remotely for untimely discharge and bug nibbles.
  • It is an exceptionally renowned Ayurveda spice utilized in treating fever, regurgitating, urinary lot issues, headache, and so on
  • Being a fantastic cancer prevention agent, it is utilized in treating circulatory strain, asthma, heartburn, dysuria, and so on
  • It is a coolant, yet helps acid reflux. it is generally utilized in treating fever, dysuria, consuming sensation, weariness condition, skin problems, and so on

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