• Charm And Glow Shampoo

Charm And Glow Shampoo

  • Rs 99

Packaging Size 350ml
Packaging Type Bottle
Brand Ban Labs
Minimum Order Quantity 50 Piece
Hair Concern Dandruff
Hair Type Normal Hair
Ingredients Amala, Aretha, Shikakai


Get magnificent skip and strength with Natural Vitamin "C" from Sikakai "Organic product for hair" and "Regular Cleanser" that gives fundamental sustenance to scalp to smooth, delicate and glossy hair.


  • Amla: An excellent hair volumizer.
  • Aretha: For complete herbal hair wash that provides natural colour & softness to hair.
  • Shikakai: Cleanses hair and retains its natural oils

Known Issue:

We have realized that engineered compound based shampoos become a fixation as they might show moment results yet are possibly hurtful for a hair over the long haul as they harm the centre constitution of hair wellbeing for the explanation, that manufactured synthetic substances convey an unforgiving treatment on the hair along these lines leaving hair crimped and pale or dormant in looks and strength.


We would along these lines recommend that in hair care we should decide in favor of Mother Nature as our best option for dealing with our hair through the old study of Ayurveda. Our scope of Ayurvedic shampoos with a reasonable mix of successful spices as fundamental fixings makes your hair gleaming, long, solid at the roots, and smart for the most delightful look at any point appreciated in your circles.

Healthy & Solid Hair:

We the individuals regardless of our age, orientation or race, make progress toward excellence as far as possible including our delightful hair. To accomplish flawlessness, we put forth and follow objectives that guarantee ideal washing, leathering purifying lastly molding our hair, a standard that we as a whole keep strictly. In this, we here and there miss the most indispensable and inestimable capacity, which is our obligation to pick the ideal cleanser that will get us extraordinary outcomes, encourage hair quality, and make our hair long and solid with a sound development. This turns into somewhat dreary yet when we get it done, we comprehend that the Charm and Glow scope of Tulsi Henna Aloe Vera cleanser is a noteworthy and restorative decision for improving on our intricacies in looking through the ideal and best cleanser.

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