The term Ayurveda consolidates the Sanskrit words Ayur implies life and Veda implies science or information. Ayurveda's primary objective is to forestall and advance the body's capacity to keep up with and balance. With the assistance of Ayurveda, We Vidhya Marundhagam Herbals offer techniques for discovering beginning phases of infections that are as yet imperceptible by the advanced natural clinical examination.

We comprehend that wellbeing mirrors an individual's agreement with nature and illness when an individual is out of concordance with nature's cycles. All living and non-living things in the universe are joined in Ayurveda.


Siddha is an antiquated Indian customary treatment framework that advanced in South India and is dated to the hours of the three thousand years BCE Indus Valley Civilization or prior. As indicated by the antiquated writing of Siddha, it is said that the arrangement of this medication began from Hindu God Shiva who instructed it to his partner Parvati.


Ayurveda is an elective medication framework with recorded roots in the Indian subcontinent. The old-style Ayurveda texts start with records of the transmission of clinical information from the divine beings to sages, and afterward to human doctors. Treatments are commonly founded on complex homegrown mixtures, minerals, and metal substances

Vidhya Marundhagam - A trailblazer in conveying conventional Siddha and Ayurveda meds to your doorstep.

Our progenitors analyzed and treated illnesses in our body inside four sorts of nerves, be a specific ailment, bile, nerve bladder, and spleen. In south India, they restored illnesses in the Siddha clinical framework and North India in the Ayurvedic clinical framework. Eighteen Siddhars, for example, the head of Siddha medication Siddhar Agathiyar to Thirumoolar, have found a large number of the spices and have recorded the recuperating strategies. In Ayurveda as well, individuals like Patanjali Sage have given us numerous intriguing drugs and mending strategies. Siddha, Ayurvedic drugs are accessible to us as Thailand, kuligai, legit am, Hunnam, arishtam, and so forth

Siddha and Ayurvedic medications don't cause any aftereffects like allopathic medication and mending the sickness gradually will fix the illness without repeat. Whenever these drugs are taken in mix with supplements like honey, ghee, curd, and so on, similar medication is ready to fix numerous sicknesses.

These days, our kin are getting back to conventional medication, understanding the symptoms of allopathic medication. We wish you all to involve in our medications and have a solid existence in nature's manner.

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